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Foundation Series

Welcome to our Foundation Series. Here you will get the key foundational pillars that we believe will set you up for success and give you the tools you need to navigate the world in which we live. They are basic and yet profound. We hope you enjoy a fresh and new way of thinking that will set you free!


SET FREE! How the Courts of Heaven set me free from over 40 Years of Depression.

Give what you like. You can watch the video for free on the Kingdom Talks Media FB group.
If you like it and want to give something, you can come back here and give what you like.

$129 $49

BBQing Sacred Cows

Did you grow up believing that Jesus died to appease God's anger? Or that God can only save certain people? Have you struggled to share concepts and Biblical background for restoration with others? In this course we will dive deep into these and other "sacred cows" and how to have hope in walking out kingdom in the earth.

$495 $195 USD

Transformations 2.0

Becoming Who You Are

Transformations is an online course with optional live weekly or monthly support groups for those who have experienced trauma and are ready to walk out their transformation.

$55.55 USD / Month

Ultimate Impact Course

The Ultimate Impact course covers a wide range of topics to support you on your journey to restore heaven on earth. This course is for you, whether you’re just learning to live from Father’s kingdom or you’ve been engaging with the heavenly realms for decades.

$29.95 USD / Month

Ultimate Impact AND Transformations 2.0 Bundle

Super deal on the Ultimate Impact Discipleship Course, Transformations Course, Meditate on Me, and Breathing Transformations! Get healed, transformed, know your identity, and walk out the fullness that Father has for you!

$67.77 USD / Month

Engaging Your Perfected Self

Engage with who you really are in Christ!

$129 $49

Meditate on Me

Guided Christian Meditation

$19.97 USD / Month

Breathing Transformations

Guided Breathing Meditations

$4.77 USD / Month

Living for Ultimate Impact - ebook by Gil Hodges

Learn practical tools for overcoming!

$9.95 USD

21-Day Imagination Booster - Christopher Carter

$79 USD

Beyond Happily Ever After - (Video) Adena Hodges

Have you ever wondered what happens after “happily ever after”? In this engaging monologue, an elderly Snow White shares her journey of going from slave to queen and everything in between. A kiss begins a transformation process, not only for Snow White, but also for her friends the dwarves who in the end discover true treasure with the King. “Beyond Happily Ever After” is a lighthearted look at the journey from slavery to becoming the bride.

$10 USD

The Inheritance - (E-book) Adena Hodges

An unforeseen gift...An old chest...mysterious letters An unexpected inheritance excites Ann with the possibility of relieving their growing financial challenges. When she discovers her inheritance is a mysterious packet of letters written by Snow White her hopes are dashed and in frustration she nearly throws them away. Curiosity keeps her reading and as each letter unfolds she finds new hope in unexpected ways. Unusual happenings bring to light a new twist on the tale of Snow White. Available as a PDF download

$10 USD

Beyond Happily Ever After & The Inheritance (Video & E-book)

Both Video (Beyond Happily Ever After) and E-book (The Inheritance) with one low price! Explore what it means to mature in relationship with Jesus in this fun format!

$17 USD


Community and Ekklesia Groups

Connect on the Kingdom Equipping Center Community to enter into deeper relationship through small groups, Ekklesias, and people! Download the Kingdom Equipping Center App or access online by clicking below.


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Surprised by Grace Immersion Retreat October 17-20 Anderson, SC!

Join Gil & Adena Hodges in Anderson, South Carolina October 17-20!

Giving Opportunities

Meditation Builders

Blessings Multiplied

$10 USD / Month

Ultimate Impactor

Have an ultimate impact!

$50 USD / Month

Foundation Builders

Building a solid foundation!

$100 USD / Month


The beauty of transformation

$250 USD / Month

Kingdom Builders

Expanding the kingdom!

$500 USD / Month

Legacy Builders

Building a legacy for eternity

$1,000 USD / Month

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