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We've loved working with people for over 30 years, in helping them to see who they really are, God's incredible plans for them and encouragement in walking it out!  

A Little About Us

 From Gil's beginnings as a former pastor in conservative Christian Church to today, God has led us to break out of boxes of religious conformity into greater levels of freedom.  Having overcome significant trauma, Adena has a passion to see people set free and walking into glorious liberty.

For the past 5 years, we've been engaging in "Next Age" Christianity - exploring the heavenly realms, learning how to flow as an ekklesia, exploring restoration and so much more! 


Why Plumblines Instead of Doctrines

We've found that doctrines tend to divide people over what we believe.  At Kingdom Equipping Center, you have the freedom to believe how God is leading you, without needing to conform to a certain set of doctrines.  We do have plumblines that help us to be one in heart even if we disagree with doctrinal details.  Watch this video to learn more!


The Latest from the Blog

Letting Go

I love how simply Father speaks to us. I woke up this morning and sat down with my coffee to engage with Father in the Heavens and the first words that came to me were, “Letting Go.” Just the concept. Very broad, but it opened up a direction that I followed with Father and this is where it took me.

Love vs. Doctrine

Yeshua taught love, oneness, and harmony with one another. He did not teach us to divide over doctrine and dogma.

Those who feel their belief is greater than another's and draw lines of division have not known the love of God.  They simply are creating new dogma from old churchianity ways..

Father's Revelation

I didn't want to post this because I felt my words were totally inadequate to express what Father showed to me and how He explained it.  But He was the one that asked ME to share this.  Usually I am asking Him if I can share what He shows me.  I shared it on FB this morning and it...

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