Join us on a mission to expand, encounter, and activate your true self as you engage the heavenly realms with us!

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Why Kingdom Equipping Center?

Welcome to Kingdom Equipping Center! On this site you will find courses and groups that will help you walk in freedom and experience heaven in a real way.  Kingdom Equipping Center is in the business of training, equipping, educating and preparing the world for the massive shift that is coming as we move into the next age. There is a shift taking place in the Earth and our mission is to steward the movement  well as He leads us to help people enter into all He has for us.

There are many ways we do this. Take a moment to engage in the unique expressions you can be a part of – from online courses, Sunday morning gatherings, Community groups, to retreats, conferences and much more!    

Sunday Morning Gathering

Enjoy an online, interactive, engaging time together with a global family!

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Online Courses

Looking to grow in community?  Explore our interactive group courses!

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Upcoming Events

Connect in person and online at events and retreats!

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Who Are We?

Gil and Adena Hodges love to help equip others to walk out their kingdom destiny and encounter heaven now.


More About Us

Africa Outreach


Stepping into Restoration!

Together, We Can Make A Difference!

Together, We Can Change the World!

Learn more about the amazing work God is doing in Africa as well as opportunities to sponsor a child!  Click below!

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Have the Ultimate Impact!

The Ultimate Impact course covers a wide range of topics to support you on your journey to restore heaven on earth. This course is for you, whether you’re just learning to live from Father’s kingdom or you’ve been engaging with the heavenly realms for decades.

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Becoming Who You Are!

This revolutionary course is a collaboration of multiple teachers including Pam VandenBulck, Adena Hodges, Lindy Strong, Pamela Tidmore, & more! If you feel lost, stuck, broken, and want to overcome trauma from your past it’s time to re-discover who you really are! 

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More than Meditation!

Are you longing for more of God? Meditate On Me is a series of guided Christian meditations that lead you into powerful daily encounters with Jesus.  They will take you beyond simply experiencing, to truly knowing Him as the most loving Father and faithful friend. 

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Interested in Kingdom Communities?

Share your journey, thoughts, questions with a welcoming community!  Explore Next Age living with other believers around the world as well as interact personally with Gil and Adena Hodges.  

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A variety of groups you can participate in.

Share Your Gift

Be part of the body, sharing your unique gift!

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Engage with others creatively in new ideas

Membership in Kingdom Communities


  • Open community
  • Interaction with Gil & Adena
  • Engage with others in similar interests
  • Special access to content
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Membership means access


We are excited for this new adventure in growing strong, creative communities that bring life, love, and restoration around the world in unique ways to see God's kingdom established in the earth!  These groups are different from Ultimate Impact and Transformation groups which are connected to courses, but not open to anyone joining anytime.   We want to build space for anyone joining the community to find their place and unique contribution. 

Sarah S.

“The transformation classes are truly a blessing. I got my voice.


"The group is a safe place where I feel unconditionally loved and respected.

Teresa N.  

"The Ultimate Impact Course challenged me to move into a new place in God."

Kelsi A.

“Ultimate impact provides practical steps and all of these Scriptures to provide context for what we are doing. Love it!”

Beth M.

“I have so enjoyed Meditate on Me! The Scriptures touched my heart and the focus of intimacy has so fed me!”

Annette B.

“The bottom line for me was God just opened this door, He removed the blinders, and set me free”

Take it to the Next Level with a Partnership!

Join us on the mission to spread the Kingdom  of God around the world!  Various levels and opportunities for Thank you gifts!

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