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Living for Ultimate Impact - ebook by Gil Hodges

Are you ready to live for the ultimate impact?

It is for freedom that Christ has set us free! (Galatians 5:1, NIV)

As the door to the Church Age closes and the Kingdom Age opens, former Seventh Day Adventist pastor Gil Hodges & his wife Adena are leading a global community of maturing sons who are ready to explore their royal identity in the Kingdom Age.

For over fifty years, Gil lived haunted by memories of a painful past that left him knee-deep in self-loathing, depression, and despair. Gil’s distorted view of himself and his belief in a vengeful and angry God even led him to attempt suicide.

Almost a lifetime later, Gil allowed Father to minister the truth of sonship to him. Gil learned what it truly means to be seated in heavenly places right now. And also how to live within the loving heart of a good Father. Gil also discovered how Yahweh delights to give us access to the limitless realms of the kingdom through the gateway of our sanctified imagination.

This set Gil free to live a life of Ultimate Impact.

Having seen his life permanently and radically transformed, Gil was filled with a passion to share these revelations with the congregation he was then pastoring. As he stepped out to teach these life-changing truths, people naturally began to ask many questions.

Gil and Adena soon realized that they needed to put these truths into an online discipleship course so that anyone could have access to them. Father gave Gil and Adena a blueprint to do this, along with heavenly plumb lines for walking in the liberty of the Kingdom Age.

These are discussed in more detail in this powerful book of Kingdom insights. Gil’s personal journey of freedom with Father also forms the basis of Ultimate Impact. This is the online interactive course that is now seeing thousands of others set free to have their ultimate impact in the earth!

This is the ebook version of Living For Ultimate Impact. 

Prefer a physical copy? Get it on Amazon here – Living For Ultimate Impact – Physical Copy