Ekklesia Groups - Come and join us! 

What is an Ekklesia group? It's a gathering of people who are "family doing kingdom business"! They live life together in God's Love and share what the Father is showing them. Together they act as He directs. There is no charge to join an Ekklesia group. Some groups have a prerequisite before you can join them so that you can enjoy and participate fully in the group activities. Start times listed are all in US Eastern time for ease of calculating time zones. To find your time zone, click here.

If you are not familiar with the "family doing kingdom business" concept, then sign up for the Ultimate Impact course where you can experience this first hand in a group setting. New groups start throughout the year and are announced in the weekly email newsletter.  

Sunday Gathering After Party, 2pm Eastern time: This group meets after the Sunday gathering via Zoom, facilitated by John and Evelyn Schenkenberger. The group participates in a stimulating discussion after the Sunday gathering for about an hour. You can join this group by joining the Sunday gathering Zoom meeting at 12:30pm Eastern time and then when the gathering is over, simply stay for the "after party" on Zoom. To join the Zoom meeting: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89290431673    password: nextage777

Sunday Intercession Group, 8:30pm Eastern time: This is an ascension group led by John and Evelyn Schenkenberger via Zoom. The focus is to bring friends and family members to the heavenly realm for a touch from Jesus, Father and Holy Spirit. This group has seen many wonderful breakthroughs in the lives of those they intercede for. To join this group, please contact John & Evelyn by email.

Beginner's Ascension Group, Tuesdays, 2pm and 6pm Eastern time: This group is for people learning how to ascend who would like a guided meditation experience via Zoom. It is facilitated by Diane Bailey for 1 hour. After a time of silent meditation, people are encouraged to share what they experienced. No commitment required - you can come whenever you'd like. To join this group, please contact Diane by email. This group is taking a  holiday break and will resume January 2, 2024.

Harmonious Love and the Biblical Hebrew Letters, Wednesdays, 8pm Eastern time: Each Biblical Hebrew Letter describes an aspect of God's Love and the function of Love within us, through us and around us. Each meeting is one hour and is spent briefly introducing the letter of the week, then a prayer time to experience & share different perspectives and impressions of that letter. Sharing can be in the form of a scripture, a few words, a song, a painting, a  drawing, a doodle, a dance or whatever the Lord puts upon your heart to share about the Biblical Hebrew Letter and how you see it functioning in Love. The group is facilitated by Larry and Debbie Housel, who have studied the Hebrew Living Letters with Daniel Jedidiah and Michelle Cook in The School of the Living Letters. To join this group, please contact Larry by email.

Walking in Love Group, Thursdays, 8pm Eastern time: This group is a safe-space to have conversations about how to walk in love with individuals who identify as LGBTQIA+. We talk about how to care for our family and ourselves while sorting through the topics of gender identity, transgender, homosexuality, and more. We meet once a month via Zoom. To join this group, please click here. If you have a question about this group, please email us.

Empath Encouragement Group, Fridays, 1pm Eastern time: This Zoom group is a safe place where those who are "feelers" can share their experiences and encourage each other in the use of this gift. You will find people who can relate to the challenges of being "highly sensitive" or very intuitive.  It is helpful if you have taken the Ultimate Impact course before you join this group. If you have taken a similar course with another organization that might also prepare you for this group. Group is facilitated by Sandy Walker. To join this group, please contact Sandy by email.

Worship Dance Group, Saturdays, 8am Eastern time: This Zoom group is for those who are interested in engaging in worship with their whole body through movement. You can bring any worship instruments such as flags, ribbons or cloths that you might like to use and wear clothing that is comfortable to dance in. The group explores how to embody the frequencies of Yahweh, as they are expressed in worship music, art and the spoken word, such as the reading of the Scriptures. Each week is arranged around a theme. Currently the group focuses on the names of God, viewed from the perspective of the Hebrew letters. The group is led by Dorette Pronk, the woman who dances with flags/banners during worship at the Sunday gathering. To join this group, please contact Dorette by email.

Courtrooms of Heaven group, Saturdays, 3pm Eastern time: This group is led by Kamau Mwangi via Zoom. He teaches on the Courtrooms of Heaven and there is an interactive discussion time as well as activations to practice what is being learned. Members of this group can also request one-on-one sessions for help with specific court issues, as needed. To join this group, please contact Kamau by email.

Want to Start a New Group?

New groups start when someone has a leading from Father and a passion to start a new group. If that describes you, please email us at [email protected]. New groups for the Ultimate Impact course and the Transformations course also start throughout the year - they are announced in the weekly newsletter (via email) and mentioned during Sunday gatherings.