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Love vs. Doctrine

morning conversations with gil Jun 08, 2022

Yeshua taught love, oneness, and harmony with one another. He did not teach us to divide over doctrine and dogma.

Those who feel their belief is greater than another's and draw lines of division have not known the love of God. They simply are creating new dogma from old churchianity ways and mindsets in order to feed their ego to be right.

Find those who walk in love as their highest goal and who are willing to humbly admit when they've been wrong and are willing to lay down what they think is right in order to walk together in love. To walk together in love does not mean we have to agree with each other's interpretation of scripture. It simply means love is greater than our prideful need to be right.

Those with emotional intelligence know what is meant by this. Those who want to bend this into extremes to create more division need more love from the rest of us who's goal is to move deeper into love. Love is our direction. It does not mean we have arrived, but our hearts are set on Father's desire that we be one in love... In HIM.

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