Making a Difference in Africa!

Together, We Can Make A Difference!

Together , We Can Change the World!

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With Your Help, We Are Making a Difference!

Phase 1 is complete thanks to your help!

Let us now apply our faith to PHASE 2!

We have made a difference to the children, now lets begin to make a difference for the community!

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Phase 2 a reality.)

Together we are making a difference.  Together we can change the world.

Although you might not be aware of this, Kingdom Talks Media has been making a difference in the lives of hundreds of Ugandans. For example, our significant contribution to building a Christian school in Mukono has been transformational.

Shining a Light 

Because of your generous donations and sponsorships, phase one of the school is complete. Thank you SO much! These students not only receive a Christian education, but many are also from Muslim backgrounds. The exciting news is that our school has had such a positive impact on these children's lives that numerous Muslim parents are now attending church to learn more.

Additionally, Pastor Isaac and the non-profit we established in Mukono have built new roads for the community and repaired others. As Jesus instructed us, they are good Samaritans shining light into their community. 

Changing the Lives of Children

Amazingly, these children's life-changing education includes learning the basics of our Ultimate Impact Discipleship Course! The children are taught to:

  • Know the Creator of the Universe as their loving heavenly Father
  • Engage directly with Him and hear from Him;
  • How to walk in heavenly places
  • Bring heavenly ideas, inventions, and direction from the Father to earth, changing families and communities forever.


Now see phase 2 below.




We have raised the full $8000 to complete Phase 1 and made “Lifted Seed Academy” Official!!

This school will have a capacity to teach up to 200 students! 

14 students are already in school!

Soon we will start sharing how you can be part of a very exciting Phase 2!

Updated 7/30/2022

Sponsor a Child

Child Sponsorship ministers practical love, and when you sponsor a child, you become family and can exchange love letters, and photos.

What does my $50 a month pay for? With this, orphan & needy children receive essentials like education, medical, clean water, nutrition, and mentorship in Christ’s Ultimate

Upon sponsorship, you will receive a detailed sponsorship pack including a photograph and information about your child. You will receive an annual written update about your sponsored child.

Yes. Your $50 a month donation gives your sponsored child the basic needs, however, if you wish to donate more funds it is greatly appreciated. This will go towards educational needs, such as uniforms, clothes and stationery and will also pay for better healthcare treatment if they need it.

Sponsor A Child Now!


Click Here to Make a One Time Donation Here
Click Here to Make a One Time Donation Here

Phase 2 for the Kingdom Talks Media non-profit in Mukono will provide fresh water and clean toilets not only for the school, but also clean water and sanitary toilets that the community can use. We also want to provide clean and consistent power for the school and parts of the community, through solar panels placed on top of the school and church buildings.

For Phase 2 to have a solid path forward, we need to purchase the half-acre of land located next to the church and school. We will also have to build additional buildings for toilets and showers, as well as the second floor of the school building.

We also need more sponsors and funds so that the children of Mukono are able to attend the new school. Currently 14 students are fully sponsored, but 68 others are waiting! Your donations provide the teachers’ salaries, books and materials for the students, one meal a day, as well as medical attention and a place for some of the children that need a place to live.

Not only will phase 2 transform the school and church into an even greater beacon of light for the community, but it will also help to set an example of what the Kingdom Talks Media non-profit can do in other locations. Our Ultimate Impact Goal is to see fully functioning, modern, sustainable eco-villages rise up which completely transform the region and the people. Once we have shown what we can do on a small scale, then it will be much easier to get large donors to help us do larger scale projects that will change Uganda, then Africa, then the world.

I have had several conversations with many people in different countries who are already building, operating, and living in restoration communities. They have the expertise we need to do what we want to do. We just need people like you to help us with the funding!

Kingdom Talks Media is taking what we talk about and apply it in communities that restore first the person, then the family, the community, and the earth.  A place where Kingdom principles are lived out as we have shared in the Ultimate Impact Course.



Will you help us?  Who do you know that may be interested in pitching in. Together we can make a difference.  Together we can change the world.  We are asking you to help us find those people who can make a one-time gift of $1000, $5000, $10,000!  Everything is helpful.  Our goal is to raise $35,000 by the end of November so we can begin the work to accomplish what we stated.  Here it is laid out by item.


Phase 2

½ acre of land next to School                                               $7,500 ($9000 - $1500)

Finish roof on 2nd Floor of School to prevent leaks into school.       $3,500

Construction of Community Toilets                                     $5,000

Well, pump, and several faucets                                           $6,000

Solar panels installed on roofs plus battery backups   $5,000

School van for student transportation                               $10,000              

                                             Total to complete Phase 2         $37,000  

Goal – To Fund by the end of November 2022

Click Here to Make a One Time Donation Here